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the perfect location for Weddings, Special and Private Events and Corporate:

Villa Wollemborg

Villa Wollemborg is located in Loreggia, a town in the countryside, equidistant from the provinces of Padua, Venice, Vicenza and Treviso. The Villa is part of the historical and artistic heritage of the Venetian Villas and takes its name from the last owners who lived there from the end of the 19th century: Leone Wollemborg and his family. But the Villa has more ancient origins: the plant dates back to the first half of the fifteenth century. The original construction is due to the noble Polcastro dynasty, who used it as a second home to spend the beautiful seasons there. Today we are at Villa Wollemborg: the Gomiero family. We welcome you and guide you together with our staff in all phases of the organization of your event, to make it memorable.


A centuries-old park

The Villa is surrounded by greenery: 65,000 square meters of park , where you can admire trees and plants of more than 200 years old, selected in the nineteenth century by the inspiration of the architect and landscape architect Giuseppe Jappelli , the designer of the Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua. Inside the park there are waterways, canals, bridges and statues that create a unique atmosphere. A shining expanse of 13,000 square meters of English lawn and a garden front decorated with colorful flower beds enrich the external environments of the Villa, creating an effect of natural elegance. 

A 0 km cuisine

Villa Wollemborg offers a restaurant service inspired by the philosophy of organic and seasonality.

The vegetables and spices that flavor the dishes come from the ancient garden designed by the architect Jappelli, which we have brought back into business. The chefs combine the tradition of Venetian cuisine with the experimentation of flavors, giving life to always different dishes, with fresh and carefully cultivated ingredients.

The "Dynamic" Restaurant: culinary creativity is always in motion, as are the guests during the courses: from appetizers to desserts, dishes are served in a different place in the Villa,

to be able to enjoy all the panoramic points.



The spaciousness and elegance of the spaces are the ideal setting for weddings, private parties, conferences, cultural events, group visits, company presentations, meetings, business lunches and dinners.

The interior fittings can accommodate up to 200 seated people.
Furthermore, the richness of the furnishings and the unmistakable light that illuminates the facades and the garden, become the perfect setting for film and advertising shoots, or for fashion photo shoots.

At Villa Wollemborg art is part of hospitality.

Here civil weddings are set up throughout the year: support is provided to the spouses in organizing the ceremony, the banquet and those small, but fundamental, details to make the big day even more special.

The right music can give a touch and harmony to every single event from the celebration of weddings to private parties, to business dinners: it enters directly into the soul, uniting all guests in a festive spirit. In this location you will also find professional advice for a well-organized and engaging musical entertainment, to accompany the ceremony, open the wide spaces to the dance, and to help you make every event unique and unforgettable, with attention to every detail.

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