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il Viaggiatore for companies

Every single consultation with the company is fundamental to identify with precision the needs and aims for the success of every event, trip or initiative whose goal is to be able to fully meet all the customer’s objectives.


With regards to incentive and business travels, Il Viaggiatore on the road is able to operate in the best way on all its destinations, starting from Italy, offering quality advice on the choice of the most suitable location for each specific purpose. An all-round competence that is confirmed in the logistics, organization, and operational management of the event, including back-office and press office activities, to achieve the full satisfaction of the customer.


Il Viaggiatore on the road is specialized in team building activities, proposing various methodologies developed to work on groups, teams and individuals.


Il Viaggiatore on the road uses the practice of team building for companies that wish to deepen the connection among its employees, in a non-invasive way. The aim is to increase collaboration, creating relationships, increasing the level of trust and developing motivational experiences, thus producing great cohesion and integration.


As its philosophy for each initiative, the Travel Agency Il Viaggiatore on the road provides experiential methodologies, such as making each participant live as a protagonist. This methodology is the main vehicle for learning and is usually accompanied by strong emotions and often involves interacting with other people.


Il Viaggiatore on the road proposes itself as a consultant on team building, who starting from the customer's objectives, is able to plan the most appropriate experiences, thanks to its understanding of which type of group activity is better to reach the company’s objectives. Our experienced competence is always the base of each project.


Many companies rely on Il Viaggiatore on the road in order to enjoy the potentialities given by team building activities: whether they are faced with a newly constituted group or whether the same is in crisis and it fails to obtain expected results.

Il Viaggiatore on the road has reworked some recreational team building activities: sports, theater, music and so on, allowing its offer to become more and more flexible and articulated.

There are two forms of team building: "formative" and "playful": in the former, the aim is to achieve the participants' awareness of changes that have taken place in the team, while the latter has the sole aim of allowing the team to live a playful experience.


Il Viaggiatore on the road organizes conventions, congress tourism and fairs.

The structures are selected so that they can respond perfectly to the purposes of the event. Attention and precision in reception activities, maximum punctuality in transport services for participants, comfort and efficiency in the locations chosen (both for accommodation and conferences and for the specific communication and marketing activities planned during the event) are our strengths. An impeccable organization that allows guests to focus exclusively on the work of the convention, enjoying the moments of conviviality and entertainment to the fullest.


Events reserved for managers and employees. To enhance the best talents, motivate the salesforce, and, most importantly, to reward the achievement of important results.


Stakeholder Trips. The most important commercial and professional relationships deserve a framework that can encourage discussion, sharing, and creating the right conditions for a constructive relationship. Because a successful business often begins with a meeting.


Special events for special clients. For companies that want to give their most special clients a trip to remember, Il Viaggiatore on the road is able to combine a stay in a prestigious location at a luxury hotel with the possibility of living extraordinary experiences (sporting events, major shows, international fairs...).

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