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Uomini anziani che giocano a scacchi

Social Tourism

Our enthusiasm and competence  supported by twenty years of experience in the travel and tourism sector,

has allowed us to become highly specialized in social tourism, group trips and events. We devote great attention to tailoring our offer for the needs of every individual. When organizing a tour for a group,

Il Viaggiatore on the road operates with a particular approach that is too often neglected by others:  it entails keeping into consideration that each group is composed by individuals who deserve to embark in a fully satisfying journey that allows them to enjoy a comfortable stay and a high-quality catering service – these are the things that make a difference and that leave the feeling of having participated in a unique and particular experience. 

Perhaps this is why many important orchestras, trade associations, companies, social circles and cultural circles have already chosen to rely on us for the organization and management of travel offers for their members. Clarity and transparency are at the base of our service; hence this is why the relationship begins with the definition of an agreement between the traveler and the direct managers concerned. 

This way we are committed to guaranteeing a clearly defined offer in terms of services, facilities and product types to all sections of the area and to all users. We take pride in offering maximum flexibility in the modulation and customization of our travel programs, adapting them to any need while promptly and effectively solving any problem. This is how each person becomes a truly satisfied customer, the best possible sponsor for Il Viaggiatore

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