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Virginia Marton’s experience as an event manager began in a renowned location in the Veneto Region, Italy. Her passion for organizing events and weddings eventually drove her towards a specialization in wedding planning and to finally found the V-code agency, making her dream come true.

Together with her staff, she organizes unforgettable weddings that exceed the expectations of each guest: her goal is to make you happy, satisfying even the most demanding requests.

Experienced teamwork allows Virginia’s team to guarantee meticulous attention to detail and the ability to find original and elegant solutions, because V.code’s task is to tell a unique story to the world: yours.

Why choose V.code?

With V.code you will find a friend who is also a professional: Virginia will listen to you, respect your ideas and accompany you step by step in every organizational phase of your wedding.

You will have a team of highly trained and close-knit people at your side, that will take care of every detail: from the organization to the day of the event.

Your wedding tells your story and that is why every event is unique and unrepeatable.

We strive to find original solutions that represent you.

Refinement, sobriety and elegance are our keywords.

Our portfolio is composed only of the best suppliers in the sector and thanks to our close collaboration with them, you will have the top suppliers at advantageous prices.

Your guests are important and that is why our desire is to give them the warmest welcome and the maximum support, without being intrusive!

No surprises and no stress. We study accurate plan "Bs" in case of rain, we calculate and keep track of the schedule to make sure that correct timing is respected. We deal with the suppliers, so that you can enjoy every moment of the day with your guests without worries!

You will save time and effort, as we will take care of the inspections and briefings with suppliers.

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Why choose V.code? 

We create the project of your wedding through mood boards, sketches and palettes. It will help you constantly monitor the implementation of the event, and it is also a fun and useful tool to follow the leitmotiv that will unite the style of your event!
We mix empathy, creativity, passion and love with meticulousness, organization and rationality.
And this is the secret why customers choose us.
A wedding is a very important moment for both the spouses and their loved ones. It is an event with a great emotional charge, high expectations and where there is no second chance.
Our task is to make this important day the most beautiful of your life by accompanying you throughout the organizational phase and make you live a real sensory experience.
Thanks to our collaboration with the best suppliers in the sector, our knowledge of the area, our experience gained in the field and our continuous training, we can guarantee the organization of an event that will remain in the memories and in the hearts of those who take part in it.
You can enjoy the fun part of organizing, while we take care of everything else. 

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